My Fear is My Strength

by msjleyson

Who is not afraid? Who doesn’t have fears?

My friends and I back in high school were once asked into a challenge. We were clueless so we accepted it. The challenge was still unknown to us until it was time. We couldn’t back out anymore.

Then it was my time to do the challenge. The man asked, “How much could you go further?” He was intimidating. I was scared but I answered, “We will not know until I finished the challenge.” Before I know it, it was over. Lesson I learned? Do not play that game where you must finish drinking calamansi juice first.

Jokes aside, we were on a field trip. I have asthma. We have to hike this mountain in Guimaras and everybody must go. During the course, I told no one that I was not feeling well. Not until I reached the top thus finding the famous big cross and a church. I entered the church saying thank you for giving me the strength to go any further. This happened twice on another field trip where we have to see the famous Seven Falls of Mambukal Resort in Negros. The course was twice of that of Guimaras. More slopes, more stairs, more rocky paths  and I almost said I can’t anymore.

Both hikes almost killed me. Both hikes made me realized that I can reach the top.

I am a Fisheries student and so swimming class is required. I do not have any idea how to swim. What’s ironic is that my father is a seafarer. He never taught me.

During my way to swimming class, I would always pray that the class is cancelled or whatsoever. I hate swimming class but then I just think of it as a dancing class only in water. I love dancing and so swimming lessons are almost over in a blink of an eye.  I should have been happy but I was feeling grim. Soon, it was finals week for PE. I must finish the underwater dive, 8 laps each of 3 different strokes and 5-minutes treading. It was horrible because all my classmates have already finished while I have tried several times and still couldn’t finish. What’s worse is my Math exam was scheduled the same day.  I was tired and haven’t studied but I didn’t give up.

I went back to my swimming finals. Luckily, we could try treading until 6 pm. Unluckily, my Math finals ended at about 5:30 pm. It was my last try. I called my Mama. I told her sorry if can’t finish the tread. I said sorry if my scholarship grant would be suspended because of this. My mother said, “That’s okay but still do your best.” I was crying. I was scared. I was hopeless. Then my name was called.


Guess what? I did it.